"What People Are Saying"

My life just seemed to be going down the tubes but I could not figure out why. After having a reading, It allowed me to steer my ship back on course. I since then have had a new attitude towards life and try to always have positive energy. Thanks Jeanne!"

Business Readings

"When I started a new business three years ago, I was not sure what to name it. I called Jeanne and she and I picked out a money name and one with no financial Karma. My business has been growing steadily and I'm about to open another store. I think I will give her a call.

Government Services

We had a serial murderer on our hands. But not enough evidence to ID the suspect. We had no witnesses. We contacted Jeanne and she discribed the killer and led us to his capture and incarseration. I was a skeptic. Not anymore!"

If it has a life span, which all things do, it can be read. Jeanne will answer all your questions.

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